Telescope: Celestron CPC 925

Camera: Canon EOS 350D

The Camera is mounted directly to the telescope for large angular objects such as nebulae and clusters. For planets and moon images i have an adapter to shoot through the eyepiece.

The telescope has an altazimuth mounting and while this is quicker to search for objects it has the disadvantage that multiple photos of the same object over time will rotate making alignment and stacking more problematic.

The new wedge mounting has arrived but has not yet been tried out.

Software :
  • Registax for processing of planets and moon photos
  • Deepskystacker for processing of nebulae, clusters etc
  • Ninox is a neat utility for reducing the size of planetary photos
  • PixInsight as an alternative to Photoshop

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Celestron CPC925
28 Aug 2007

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